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Welcome to Adams Real Estate. We are really pleased you have paid us a visit.

At our office you will find a warm, friendly smile and our full attention to your needs and wishes, understanding of your situation and our sincere participation to find the best solution for you.

Our services include:

For buyers or renters

1. We can quickly find the property you are looking for, either from our own portfolio or through our network of trusted colleagues.

2. We cooperate with major banks to find a loan suitable to your circumstances.

For sellers

1. Assessment of the market value of the property you have for sale or rent, whatever the type (house, apartment, block of land, shop, office or business).

2. Immediate promotion to finalize the contract as soon as possible. We know how precious time is and so expeditious finalization is an important part of success.

For all

Our close cooperation with architects, civil engineers and specialized craftsmen allows us to offer you renovation or maintenance of your property.
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