en Real Estate in Varkiza, Athens, Adams Real Estate Real Estate in Greece. Adams is a Greek Real estate office in Varkiza. Property for sale and for rent: Houses, Apartments, Villas, Land, Plots, Factories, Hotels, Business premises. Realty for private and business use throughout the whole of Varkiza. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/images/logo.gif Alimos - unique apartment 63 sq.m. Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/51-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 340.000,00 <BR>This unique 63 sq. m. apartment is on the 4th floor, luxuriously appointed, and is located in the best part of Alimos. It has 2 bedrooms with wooden oak floors, a living room, a Murano kitchen with Trussardi floors, wooden oak doors, a marble and Zimbabwe granite fireplace, hidden spot lighting, luxurious Italian style bathroom, Legrand light switches, independent heating, storage space and garage. There is a panoramic sea view from the sofa in the living room opposite the fireplace and a view of the Acropolis and Lycavetos Hill from the veranda. It is only 5 minutes from the marina at Alimos. A small gem for the discriminating buyer who values quality of life. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=51 Apartment For Sale - CHALANDRI, ATTICA Apartments Price - 120.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=216 Glyfada. Luxury newly-built 181 sq.m. flat Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/109-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 760.000,00 <BR>This luxury 181 sq.m. flat is on the 2nd floor of a block of flats set in green grounds and close to the centre of beautiful Glyfada. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a fireplace in the living area and modern kitchen. The window and door frames are from German wood, making a pleasant change from aluminium, and there are wooden floors throughout, and independent heating. Parking is in the building basement. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=109 Glyfada. Luxury 191 sq.m. newly-built flat Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/110-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 800.000,00 <BR>This 191 sq.m. flat is on the 3rd floor of a newly-built apartment block in the beautiful seaside suburb of Glyfada. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, wooden floors throughout and quality German wooden window and door frames. There is a storage area and garage parking for 2 cars. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=110 Apartment For Sale - GLYFADA, ATTICA Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/199-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 240.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=199 Apartment For Sale - KOROPI , ATTICA Apartments Price - 150.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=152 Apartment For Sale - NIKEA, ATTICA Apartments Price - 130.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=220 Castella, Piraeus Apartment Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/234-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 480.000,00 <BR>A modern 125 sq.m. apartment on the 3rd floor with spectacular sea views and the historic city of Athens, Greece. It has a large living area with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom and a WC, closed parking and there is a swimming pool in the garden. It is located in one of the most beautiful spots of Castella near the port of Piraeus and near Athens, Greece, which has approximately 330 sunny days per year. Live in the present and look to the past and the future. In 30 minutes you can travel back in time 2500 years. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=234 Maisonnette in Varkiza Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/1-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 315.000,00 <BR>Varkiza. This 91 sq.m. 2 bedroom maisonnette has large verandas and is attractively arranged on the 2nd and 3rd floor with exclusive use of the 43 sq. m. roof terrace. The 2 bedrooms and 1 luxury bathroom are on the 45.50 sq.m. 2nd floor. The 3rd floor contains the living room with fireplace, kitchen with the choice of having open plan or closed and with a lovely view of the sea. There is an internal staircase to the roof terrace on the 4th floor, ideal for family barbeques and enjoying the company of friends. The storage space is 5 sq.m. and there are 2 parking spaces, 1 in the garage and the other in the open. It is well located in a pleasant, quiet neighbourhood that combines sea and hills, and only a 7-minute walk to the sea. For those who appreciate the special things in life. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=1 Newly built 120 sq. m. flat in Varkiza Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/8-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 390.000,00 <BR>This 120 sq. m. flat is on the 2nd floor of an apartment block built in 2010 and has 3 bedrooms (1 master with luxury bathroom), 2nd bathroom, living room, wc, and large kitchen. The storage room is 6.70 sq.m. and there is parking for 2 cars - 1 in the closed garage and 1 in an open space. The property is in a quiet area and a 7-minute walk from the sea. For the discerning buyer. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=8 Varkiza flat built in 2010 - 120 sq. m. Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/11-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 430.000,00 <BR>Desirably positioned 120 sq. m. flat in Varkiza is for those who love quality. It is on the 1st floor and has 3 bedrooms (1 master with luxury bathroom), 2nd bathroom, living room, wc, spacious kitchen, 5.50 sq.m. storage room and parking for 2 cars - 1 in the closed garage and 1 in an open space. The property is in a quiet area and a 7-minute walk from the sea. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=11 Flat with sea view in Varkiza Apartments Price - 400.000,00 <BR>Varkiza. A newly built 95 sq. m. flat on the 3rd floor with a fantastic view of both the sea and green hills. It is located in one of the loveliest parts of Varkiza, just 100 metres from the sea, and has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with sea view and open plan kitchen. There is closed parking and a storage area. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=13 Apartment For Sale - VARI, ATTICA Apartments Price - 130.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=172 VARKIZA - 53 sq.m. 2nd floor apartment Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/211-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 80.000,00 <BR>This 53 sq.m. 2nd floor apartment is close to the sea and central square with lots of trees around. It has 1 bedroom, a lounge, hall, a kitchen and bathroom. Outdoor parking. Price 80,000. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=211 Apartment For Sale - VARI, ATTICA Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/217-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 80.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=217 Apartment For Sale - VOULA, ATTICA Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/225-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 120.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=225 2-storey house in Pangrati, Athens Buildings <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/202-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 105.000,00 <BR>Lovely, renovated house in Pangrati in a quiet area but close to local shops. It is divided into 3 separate apartments; 2 on the ground floor (46 sq.m. and 30 sq.m.) and 1 on the 1st floor (60 sq.m.). Suitable for a large family or can be for professional use. The block of land is 133.87 sq. m. and the property building factor is 3.6. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=202 3 storey family home in Paleo Faliro Buildings <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/10-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.000.000,00 <BR>3 storey family home, 280 sqm. in the lovely seaside suburb of Paleo Faliro, set in a well looked after garden. Close to shops and the popular beaches of Paleo Faliro and Floisvos. Only 20 minutes from Athens. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=10 780 sq.m. office building in Paleo Faliro Buildings <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/95-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 2.150.000,00 <BR>This ideally situated office building in Paleo Faliro is within easy reach of public transport. There are 3 storeys - ground, with a large loft, 1st and 2nd floors with kitchens and toilets. All the building has natural light and is in very good condition and ready for use. Parking for 7 vehicles. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=95 Taverna/grill house in Kalivia Thorikou Businesses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/58-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 40.000,00 <BR>A business opportunity to run a taverna/grill house with a good clientele built up over the years, and with the possibility of extending the business.<BR> It consists of 20 tables that seat 100 people, with 100m. verandahs and parking for 12 cars. There are 2 gas grills, 2 chicken rotisseries, 1 chicken grill that holds 14 chickens, 2 deep-fryers, work bench, freezer and warming area. Rent 800.<BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=58 Duplex / Triplex Apartment For Sale - SARONIDA, ATTICA Duplex / Triplex Apartments Price - 310.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=192 Saronida 148 sq.m. maisonette Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/194-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 310.000,00 <BR>This 148 sq.m. maisonette is in a very good location in Saronida with a lovely unique garden. It has recently been renovated, it has a fireplace and is close to both the sea and the centre of Saronida. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=194 Newly built 92 sq. m. maisonnette in Varkiza Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/5-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 350.000,00 <BR>This maisonnette is arranged over the ground and 1st floor with the possibility of an internal elevator. The 46 sq. m. ground floor contains the living room with energy-saving fireplace, wc, and kitchen, which the buyer can choose to be closed or semi-open. The balcony doors lead out to a charming private garden. The 46 sq. m. 1st floor has 2 bedrooms and a luxury bathroom. There is a 5m. storage area and parking for 2 cars - 1 in the closed garage and 1 in an open space. Ideally situated in a peaceful neighbourhood and a 7-minute walk from the sea. This property is for those who appreciate the special things in life. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=5 Fabulous new 162 sq. m. flat in Varkiza Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/9-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 650.000,00 <BR>This 120 sq. m. flat in Varkiza has a 42 sq. m. attic and exclusive use of the 57 sq. m. rooftop with a pergola and sea view. It has 3 bedrooms (1 master with a luxury bathroom), a 2nd bathroom, wc, and living room with energy-saving fireplace, large kitchen and roomy verandahs. The attic has a wc and is reached by an internal staircase. There is a 8.80 sq.m. storage area and closed parking for 2 cars.<BR> <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=9 Fantastic 177 sq. m. maisonnette in Varkiza Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/43-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 800.000,00 <BR>A 177 sq.m. maisonnette on 3 levels in one of the best areas of Varkiza with a wonderful sea view. An excellent quality building at a very good price. For those who insist on quality http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=43 Duplex / Triplex Apartment For Sale - VARI, ATTICA Duplex / Triplex Apartments http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=171 Voula Panorama - luxury maisonnette 210 sq.m. floors 4&5 Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/149-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.050.000,00 <BR>This 210 sq.m. luxury maisonette in Voula Panorama, faces south east giving a fantastic view of the Saronic Sea from both levels. It is situated 60 metres from public transport and close to schools and St. Nectarios. The 4th floor has a large kitchen with a 48 sq. m. verandah outside, a comfortable master bedroom with sea view and 2 large bedrooms. Both bathrooms have natural light and there is a guest WC. The 75 sq. m. living and dining areas with kitchen and bar are on the 5th floor, with 32 sq. m. verandah on the east side and a 20 sq. m. verandah on the west side. There is a fireplace, store room, 50 sq. m. underground parking for 2 or 3 cars and the elevator which goes to the 4th and 5th levels holds 6 people. High quality appliances and finishing, such as Carrier, Kleeman, Europa, Shellman, Frankie, Grohe, Ideal Standard, Canadoor, Siemans, Legrand, Filkeram-Johnson, Lamborghini. Independent heating on each floor, double-glazed glass with mosquito net doors and windows, a triple energy boiler, solar panel, air conditioning, alarm system, safety doors and security cameras and natural gas. One of the remaining penthouses in this area at the best price. An excellent investment, due to the location and the quality of the building http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=149 Anavyssos. Fantastic 3-level house with panoramic view. Houses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/135-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.249.000,00 <BR>This 282 sq. m. 3-level house in Anavyssos is perfectly situated on a 927 sq. m. block of land with a wonderful view of Anavyssos Bay. It is the ideal getaway home, and yet is only 25 minutes by car to the airport and Attiki Odos highway, 50 minutes to Athens, and 10 minutes to the sea.<BR> <BR> On the top level is the master bedroom with walk-in closet and spacious ensuite bathroom, which includes a full-size bath and separate shower recess. The second bedroom is large with built in wardrobes and ensuite bathroom. There is a small kitchenette, ideal for coffee on the verandahs.<BR> <BR> The second level contains the main living area with lounge , dining and open plan kitchen, WC and storage area. There is a home cinema with a 2 x 2 metre screen and excellent speakers which will remain in the house.<BR> <BR> The lower level has a fully fitted kitchen and living room, plus the third bedroom with bathroom. A door leads to the spacious garage.<BR> <BR> There is air conditioning throughout, electric shutters and sliding doors that lead out onto the balconies that are outside every room, top quality fixtures and fittings, and an interior elevator.<BR> <BR> Outside there is a covered patio and seating to enjoy the magnificent view, while listening to the waterfall. There are fruit trees and roses as well as many other plants, and a rock garden.<BR> <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=135 AGIA MARINA - KOROPI seafront house 222sq.m. Houses Price - 380.000,00 <BR>A beautiful 222 sq. m. house on 3 levels - basement (80sq.m.), ground floor (88 sq.m.), and 1st floor (62 sq.m.). The 760 sq.m. plot of land is near the sea with a wonderful seaview and the garden has plenty of trees. There is the possibility of making each floor independent, if the buyer wanted to. There is independent central heating on each floor and there is a solar system for hot water in winter. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=213 Kythera. 189 sq. m. house just 60 metres from the sea Houses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/119-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 299.000,00 <BR>Kythera is the island of Aphrodite and love, the island whose culture has existed since Minoan times until today, and where every visitor feels they belong. The 189 sq. m. house is right next to the sea on a block of land 1040 sq. m. and is half-finished inside, enabling the buyer to design it exactly the way they want. The right to build another 643 sq. m. also makes it suitable as an investment and can be developed as a tourist site. It is located next to the port of Agia Pelagia providing easy access to boat owners. This is a property worth visiting. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=119 Varkiza. 280 sq. m. house in a very good location Houses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/83-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 750.000,00 <BR>Varkiza. This 280 sq. m. house is on a 180 sq. m. block of land. Located in a desirable area of Varkiza and very close to the sea. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=83 Vari Korbi Houses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/190-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 180.000,00 <BR>This house is 56 sq.m. on a 228 sq.m. block of land with lovely garden and patio. Living/dining area with fireplace and 1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Located in a quiet area but just a 5-minute drive from YaBaNaKi-Varkiza<BR> Beach and local shopping area. A 30-minute drive from Athens Airport, this property is perfect for 1 person or a couple, and ideal as an investment.<BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=190 House with guesthouse on Patmos (one of the Dodecanese islands) Houses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/64-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.300.000,00 <BR>Patmos. The house is on a block of land 4,300 sq.m. and 150 metres from one of the loveliest bays of the Kambos beach, with an uninterrupted sea view. Originally built in 1800, this 157 sq.m. stone house has been completely renovated and is fully furnished with original traditional furniture. The 97 sq.m. guest house has new furniture based on the traditional island style. The houses are ready to be used as a holiday home, or could be bought as an investment and rented out. There is also the possibility of building a further 160 sq.m. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=64 Holiday house on the island of Skyros (in the Aegean Sea) Houses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/67-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 170.000,00 <BR>Skyros is a picturesque island in the Aegean Sea north east of Athens. It is not so well-known to tourists and therefore perfect for those who enjoy a quieter and simpler holiday. <BR> The house is situated to the north of the island, 10 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the harbour. It is about 10 minutes by car from several wonderful beaches. <BR> The land is 4,000 sq.m. and the house is 80 sq.m. with the possibility to build another 120 sq.m. It was built in 1993 and is fully furnished with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, living room with fireplace, central heating, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, video, telephone and outside furniture and sun umbrellas on the verandah. <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=67 Traditional stone house on the island of Evia Houses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/68-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 99.500,00 <BR>Evia is the least commercialized of the Greek islands and is the most accessible as there is a road from the mainland & regular ferries. It is only about 2 hours from Athens Airport. <BR> This charming stone house is 65 sq. m. with an unfinished lower ground floor of 51 sq. m. built on land 375 sq. m. The 65 sq.m. is newly renovated and faces south-west with amazing mountain and distant sea views. It is stylishly decorated and has 2 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, modern kitchen, and bathroom. The terrace has sunshine all day and with views of spectacular sunsets. It is on the outskirts of a friendly village and less than 10 minutes drive to a super sandy beach. <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=68 Galazia Akti (Lagonissi)-574.20 sq.m. block of land. Good price. Land <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/145-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 280.000,00 <BR>These 2 blocks of land 282,80 sq. m. and 291.40 sq. m. are joined, totalling 574.20 sq. m. in the Lagonissi area of Galazia Akti and are only 400 metres from the sea. There are 2 pre-fabricated buildings on the land, 65 sq. m. and 62 sq. m. and a semi-basement of 23 sq. m., as well as a garden with citrus and pine trees, plus 2 wells. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=145 Galazia Akti Kalivia - 2 blocks of land with 2 buildings Land <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/150-1s.jpg" align="left"\> 2 blocks of land 574.20 sq.m. with 2 legal pre-fabricated buildings 65 sq.m. and 62 sq m. and a 23 sq.m. semi-basement which are sold together. Only 400 metres from the sea in a beautiful green area and close to shops. Suitable for a permanent residence or holiday house. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=150 Over 100 acres land within Attica Land <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/215-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 37.000.000,00 <BR>Within Attica. Large plot of land with sea view. Over 100 acres for demanding investors. Price 37.000.000 negotiable. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=215 Vari. 1176 sq. m. block of land, close to the sea. Land <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/132-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 650.000,00 <BR>Vari. This 1176 sq. m. block of land is close to the sea and is in a very good position for either residential or retail development. The building ratio is 0.4 and so 500 sq. m. can be built. A very good investment due to the logical and negotiable price. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=132 Block of land on Corfu (Ionian islands) Greece Land <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/66-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 400.000,00 <BR>Corfu. The 3,500 sq.m. block of land is situated on the beautiful green island of Corfu in Agrafi, one of the most traditional villages, famous for its annual festival on 22-23 August. Located 30 minutes from the main harbor, 1.5 klms from the lovely beach of Roda and 1 klm from the town of Karoussades, it is ideal for building a home as it is on a hill shaped like an amphitheatre with a view of the plain below. It is possible to have a well to use for a flower and/or vegetable garden. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=66 Professional property in Kallithea - 105 sq. m. Offices <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/144-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 110.000,00 <BR>This 105 sq. m. professional property in Kallithea is situated on the 4th floor with a lovely view. It is bright and airy and suitable for a variety of uses. The building is centrally located. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=144 Alimos penthouse 87 sq. m. Fantastic sea view. Penthouses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/42-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 255.000,00 <BR>Alimos. 87 sq.m. penthouse with a fantastic sea view. It has 2 bedrooms, open plan kitchen and living room with a fireplace. Excellent location close to the Alimos marina so you can keep an eye on your boat from the veranda. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=42 Athens. 55 sq. m. penthouse in the city centre next to a park Penthouses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/125-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 90.000,00 <BR>Athens - St. Nicholas area. This lovely 55 sq.m. penthouse is right in the city centre and just 2 minutes from the St. Nicholas train station that takes you to the metro within minutes, but also next to a park. The flat has recently been renovated and the windows and balcony doors have been double-glazed. There is 1 bedroom, with an extra smaller room that could be an office or 2nd bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. At the front is a large veranda, with a smaller balcony at the back. It is fully furnished, suitable for a student, or as an investment, due to its central location. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=125 Penthouse For Sale - GLYFADA, ATTICA Penthouses <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/226-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 200.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=226 Shop in Glyfada - 27 sq.m. Shops Price - 200.000,00 <BR>This 27 sq.m. shop is in the centre of Glyfada, near Nymphon Square. It is on the ground floor of a well-known shopping centre and is suitable to develop a business or investment. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=195 Single Floor Apartment For Sale - GLYFADA, ATTICA Single Floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/224-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 260.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=224 PEFKI - 105 sq.m. apartment Single Floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/206-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 230.000,00 <BR>This 105 sq.m. apartment is in a great location. It is on the 3rd floor with 3 bedrooms, a large reception lounge, 1 bathroom, WC, balconies, double glazing, solar, underground parking, storage and central heating. It has a fitted kitchen and fridge freezer Siemens, alarm and a garden. It is close to public transport and shops. Ideal for professional use eg Doctor's or dentist's surgery. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=206 Spectacular 163 sq.m. entire floor flat with sea view in Varkiza Single Floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/59-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 800.000,00 <BR>This ISV minimal architectural flat is located in the loveliest part of Varkiza and boasts high-specification contemporary interiors. It has a wonderful view of sea and hills and would suit a buyer who wants to live an ideal life, every day. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=59 An entire floor 116 sq.m. flat in Panorama, Voula with sea view Single Floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/37-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 380.000,00 <BR>This 116 sq. m. flat is on the 2nd floor of a high-specification building which has excellent insulation for low energy consumption of both heating and cooling. There is a large living room and 1 spacious bedroom. It is possible to create a 2nd bathroom and 1 or 2 more bedrooms. The owner has exclusive use of the 120 sq. m. rooftop - either for a roof garden or a photovoltaic system (solar panels). There is parking for 2 cars. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=37 200 sq.m. entire floor flat in Voula Single Floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/104-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 570.000,00 <BR>Ideally situated 50 metres from the sea and 100 metres from the central shopping centre of Voula, this 200 sq. m. entire floor flat is located on the 3rd floor. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with plenty of light, a spacious living room with fireplace and charming dining area. The large verandahs have a sea view and there is independent heating, solar water heating and open parking. It is a good opportunity for either owner occupation or as an investment. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=104 Anavyssos villa 650 sq.m. Villas <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/193-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 4.500.000,00 <BR>Anavyssos.This villa is in a prime position with panoramic views. The house is 650 sq.m. (990 sq.m. in total with associated buildings) on 1,800 sq.m. land. It has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 1 wc with 2 fireplaces of solid Madden. The indoor floors are made of solid American wood and there is elaborate stone inside and out. The windows are insulated Europa 10,000 with triple bulletproof glass for ultimate protection and security. There is underfloor heating and ventilation by intercooler throughout the whole house, which is autonomous per space. The 90 m. pool is situated in a 1,000 sq.m. garden and there is parking for 5 cars. Both the parking area and around the pool has industrial strength tiles. This is a large home, bright, spacious with clever design and easy functionality. The price is reasonable, proportional to the current value. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=193 Kifissia Villa 228 sqm Villas <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/204-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 520.000,00 <BR>This 228 sq.m. villa in Kifissia was built in 2004 and is in an excellent position on a corner block of land. It is on 3 levels with an internal elevator and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, wc and parking for 2 cars. The basement is 49 sq.m., the ground floor 93 sq.m. and the first floor 86 sq.m. There is a beautiful 160 sq.m. garden. It is a unique opportunity for the discerning buyer! http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=204 Apartment For Rent - Offer - ATHINA, ATTICA Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/158-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.150,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=158 Glyfada. Delightful, newly built 181 sq.m. flat on 2nd floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/108-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 2.000,00 <BR>Well-located close to the centre of beautiful Glyfada, this delightful 181 sq.m. flat is on the 2nd floor of a modern building in green surroundings. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a fireplace in the living area, independent heating, German wooden window and door frames and wooden floors throughout. There is underground parking. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=108 Glyfada. 191 sq.m. luxury flat for rent Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/111-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 2.000,00 <BR>Luxury 191 sq.m. flat for rent on the 3rd floor, close to the centre of Glyfada. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a fireplace in the living area and a modern kitchen and independent heating. The window and door frames are German wood, and there are wooden floors throughout. Parking is in the building basement. It can also be rented fully furnished. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=111 Apartment For Rent - Offer - VARI, ATTICA Apartments Price - 1.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=189 Varkiza 3rd floor 60 sq.m. flat in good area Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/210-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 350,00 <BR>Varkiza, 3rd floor flat with 1 bedroom, a large living room and spacious verandas. It has independent heating and air-conditioning and shared maintenance expenses are minimum. Located in a good area, it is ideal for couples. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=210 Apartment For Rent - Offer - VARI, ATTICA Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/218-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 600,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=218 Varkiza fully furnished, 73 sq. m. 3rd floor flat Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/233-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 600,00 <BR>Varkiza. A well-designed fully furnished 73sq.m. open-plan flat with 2 bedrooms on the 3rd floor of a quiet area in Varkiza. A sea view from 1 bedroom and veranda and a 5 min drive from the beach. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=233 FULLY FURNISHED FLAT IN VOULA 110 sq.m. Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/185-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.200,00 <BR>This 4th floor flat is in a well-designed block of flats and has a wonderful sea view. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 WC, open-plan living room and kitchen, off street parking and swimming pool. It is located near the Voula shopping centre and is also close to the sea. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=185 Well-located office building in Paleo Faliro Buildings <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/94-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 4.500,00 <BR>This 780 sq. m. office building is ideally situated on a main road in Paleo Faliro. It is in very good condition and ready for use. The ground floor has a large loft area and there is a kitchen and toilets on the 1st and 2nd floors, with all floors (and loft) having plenty of natural light. It is in close proximity to public transport and there is parking for 7 vehicles. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=94 148 sq. m. double storey house in a leafy area of Voula Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/63-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.350,00 <BR>Situated in a very good area of Voula, this 148 sq.m. house has 3 bedrooms and a living room with a fireplace. A beautiful front garden, but an even better back garden with a barbeque amongst the trees for cool summer evenings and family get-togethers most of the year round. There is parking and a storage area. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=63 220 sq. m. maisonnette in Voula with swimming pool and sea view Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/106-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 2.500,00 <BR>Situated in a complex of 3 residences, this 220 sq. m. maisonnette is on the raised ground floor and 1st floor. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and wc. The kitchen is open plan and the living area has a fireplace and air-conditioning. The well-lit attic can be used as an extra bedroom, playroom or office. Outside there is a communal swimming pool, BBQ and bar. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=106 Voula - luxurious 245 sq. m. maisonnette on 3 levels Duplex / Triplex Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/107-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 2.200,00 <BR>This luxurious 3-level 245 sq.m. maisonnette is located in the Kalimniotika part of Voula. It has 3 bedrooms, (1 a master) and separate guest lodgings with 1 bedroom on the lower level. There are 2 fireplaces, 2 bathrooms and wc, 2 kitchens, and closed parking for 2 cars. There is the possibility of using the swimming pool, at extra cost. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=107 Duplex / Triplex Apartment For Rent - Offer - VOULA, ATTICA Duplex / Triplex Apartments Price - 5.500,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=197 Duplex / Triplex Apartment For Rent - Offer - VOULIAGMENI, ATTICA Duplex / Triplex Apartments Price - 2.000,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=219 Shop For Rent - Offer - ARGOS, ARGOLIDOS Shops <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/221-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 350,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=221 Single floor flat in Voula for rent Single Floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/81-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.100,00 <BR>This spacious single floor flat is 150 sq.m. and is situated in the desirable lower area of Panorama in Voula. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fireplace, independent heating and 3-way solar system. There are generous verandas on 3 sides with awnings, boasting both a sea and hill view. Price 1,100/month. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=81 Fully furnished, entire floor flat for rent in Voula Single Floor Apartments <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/103-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 1.500,00 <BR>This 200 sq. m. entire floor flat is tastefully furnished and located on the 3rd floor. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with plenty of light, a spacious living room with fireplace and lovely dining area. There is a sea view from the large verandas, which have outdoor furniture. The flat has independent heating, solar water heating and open parking. It is situated in a quiet street, but only 50 metres from the sea and 100 metres from the central shopping centre of Voula. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=103 Glyfada 30sq.m. flat Studios <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/222-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 600,00 <BR>Glyfada centre. 30sq.m furnished flat on the 2nd floor with 1 bedroom and bathroom. The flat has been redecorated and has a 6-door wardrobe with mirrors. It is located near the sea and can also be rented for the season (600euros/month). 350 euros on a yearly basis. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=222 Studio For Rent - Offer - PIREAS, ATTICA Studios <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/209-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 220,00 <BR> http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=209 Studio For Rent - Offer - PIREAS, ATTICA Studios http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=214 Pireus Freatida 30 sqm apartment Studios <img SRC="http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/photos/235-1s.jpg" align="left"\> Price - 200,00 <BR>Freatida furnished studio 30 sqm. Ground floor. 1 bedroom, Bathrooom. Central heating. Suitable for students. http://www.adamsrealestate.gr/en/property.asp?Data_ID=235